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ACRE helps bring the Free Market Road Show to Greece

Yesterday the Free Market Road Show came to Thessaloniki in Greece, a country that has been on the sharp end of recent economic turbulence.

The Free Market Road Show was divided into three panels. The first, entitled 'Troubled times in a divided world' discussed the fraying social fabric and growing tensions in Europe, and touched on potential free market palliatives. 

The second panel, 'From Brexit to Trump: a chain reaction of the free trade era' saw panellists ponder the economic implications of Brexit and Trump, the future for Trade Agreements, the sharing economy and other cutting edge issues.

Finally, the third panel acted as an 'Entrepreneurial hub' highlighting successful business stories, and what they illustrate for budding entrepreneurs.

It was another great showing from the Free Market Road Show, of which ACRE is a proud sponsor. Today it will be arriving at Larisa, tomorrow in Athens, before leaving Greece for Nicosia, Cyprus on Friday, then onwards to the Caucasus, spreading the message of free trade, free markets and free people.

UPDATE: The Free Market Road Show at Larisa was a great success, with interesting panel discussions on 'The agriculture industry an potential reforms to EU policy making for agriculture', where innovative potential reforms from across the world were highlighted,  'A major economic reconfiguration: the end of the free trade era?' and 'Troubled times in a divided world', discussing relevant issues at length with experts in the field.

UPDATE: The final leg of the Free Market Road Show in Greece, bringing it to Athens, was another in a line of great successes. Panels were held on 'A major economic reconfiguration: the end of the free trade era?', 'Troubled times in a divided world', and finally 'The need for liberalization and education for the development of entrepreneurship', which discussed pertinent issues about what can be done to better foster a generation of innovators.