ECR Party

ACRE is helping to bring the Free Market Road Show to the Caucasus

The Free Market Road Show arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia on the 15th, and is showing today in Batumi and Yerevan

In Tbilisi the Free Market Road Show had two panels. The first, entitled 'Legacy of Kakha Bendukidze - Georgia's achievements' discussed how moves towards democracy, property rights and the rule of law, spearheaded by former Minister Kakha Bendukidze, have seen Georgia make notable progress, and what the future may hold.

The second panel, 'Where the world is heading' saw panellists ponder the economic implications of current events like Brexit and Trump, the impact of rogue states, the future for Free Trade, the sharing economy and other cutting edge issues.

The Batumi Free Market Road Show today will hold panels on 'Global Economic Trends' and 'Georgia and its partners' looking at global and regional development and what they portend.

In Yerevan panels will discuss 'Predicting the world after Brexit and Trump's economic nationalism' on the current global political and economic scene, and 'assessing the Karapetyan government's economic and political reforms' which will assess the implications, postives and negatives of the Karapetyan government.

ACRE is proud to have sponsored the Free Market Road Show to the Caucasus.