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ACRE is proud to host the Conservatives International Miami 2017 Conference

Conservatives International, a flagship initiative of ACRE, is holding its first regional conference in Miami, Florida on May 26-27

Conservatives International’s Miami Conference will gather pro-market advocates from the Americas, and beyond. Participants will discover the successes of free trade as a means of poverty alleviation, conflict resolution and social justice; and explore the hopes for its global progress.

The conference is particularly timely now, as a rising tide of populism of the left and the right threatens to end free trade, impoverishing millions, and to damage vital national institutions. The meaningful solutions to this issue offered by Conservatism will be the main subject of the Miami conference.

Miami will include a wide range of high-profile speakers. They include prominent politicians from the Americas such as Florida Governor Rick Scott, former Canadian Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenny, and former President of Columbia Alvaro Uribe. There will be lauded economists and think tankers such as the legendary Hernando de Soto, Competitive Institute President and CEO Kent Lassman, and Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist. They will also count among their number politicians from the wider world, including Nigerian Senator Ben Murray Bruce, Dutch Parliamentarian Thierry Baudet and British MEP Daniel Hannan, and many more. It will be an exciting opportunity to hear about the future of conservatism.

The event is held in partnership with high profile organizations including the Heritage Foundation, the PanAm Post and Americans for Tax Reform.

Registrations close on the 10th of May; register now, and read more about the event, here