ECR Party

ACRE launches THE CONSERVATIVE, a bi-weekly Newspaper, available in print and online.

We publish today the first edition of the bi-weekly newspaper THE CONSERVATIVE. We aim to fill a in the newspaper market as a forthright and unflinchingly conservative newspaper and will serve as a counterweight to the liberal left of-centre establishment internationalism that dominates most news outlets.

THE CONSERVATIVE writes for the citizens that are rooted in – and have loyalties to – their neighbourhoods, communities, regions and country. We want to be an outlet for those that take pride in their country’s history and heritage without feeling the need to disparage or deride the same feeling in others. We want to give a political voice to those that have a greater feeling of shared destiny with their fellow citizens than with the other gold card holders in the airport lounge.

THE CONSERVATIVE’s view is that the key faultline in European politics isn’t between different ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexes, social classes, generations, communities, or countries. The fundamental conflict is between those that believe in the citizens’ right to come together to discuss and make common decisions (yes, even decisions with which others may disagree) and those that only accept common decisions when they are in accordance with the preferences of the preordained university-educated, urban internationalist, socially liberal agenda. The clashes we see are between those that accept the outcome of elections and referenda they dislike and those that strive to undermine the legitimacy of the office holders with which they disagree, or immediately demand a second referenda when the voters ‘have been fooled’ and ‘got it wrong’.

THE CONSERVATIVE believes in free speech and in the informative potential of an open, polite and vigorous debate. Our quarrel is with those unmoored ostrichlike sophisticates who believe that they have the moral right to ostracise their fellow citizens – or, as they see it, the hoi polloi - for discussing issues that fall outside the cognoscente myopia of a woke safe-space seminar. We believe that a key litmus test of open debate is that someone potentially could be offended. We don’;t endorse causing gratuitous offence to others, but neither do we believe in a right not to be offended. Since just about anything can offend someone, a newspaper must risk causing offence to be a catalyst for change.

THE CONSERVATIVE acknowledges the unique democratic legitimacy of the nation-state, and recognises the rule of law and equality of all citizens before the law as fundamental preconditions of a just society.

THE CONSERVATIVE favours the exercise of power at the lowest practicable level. In an open society that respects the dignity and autonomy of the individual, the important role of civil associations, families and other bodies that fill the space between the individual and the government must be cherished, because it is these institutions which keep us all free from state coercion.

THE CONSERVATIVE believes that the natural liberties of the individual include the freedom of religion and worship, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of movement and association, freedom of contract and employment, and freedom from oppressive, arbitrary or punitive taxation.

THE CONSERVATIVE wishes to see a continent-wide cooperation of independent democratic states and nations. We believe such a project only can be successful if it is deferential to the right of each nation to preserve and transmit their unique version of our common civilisation - their culture - to future generations.

THE CONSERVATIVE accepts that there are no ideal societies and believes that all social orders can be improved. The development of our civilisation and different cultures primarily takes place through experimentation, competition and mimicking that which is successful. We therefore have faith in in competition. Competition between individuals in accordance with the meritocratic ideal; between firms in accordance with the ideal of the free market; between nations and states in accordance with the ideal of peaceful institutional competition.

THE CONSERVATIVE rejects all forms of extremism, authoritarianism and racism.

You can read THE CONSERVATIVE online at www.theconservative.online/newspaper