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ACRE Partners with the Free Market Roadshow

ACRE's partnership with the Free Market Road Show is helping to get the free market message out.

The Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe is proud that its partnership with the Free Market Road Show has so far brought the 10th annual Free Market Road Show to Brussels, London, Stockholm and Reykjavik. 

Inspired by the dramatic events of the past year, this year’s tour focussed on the discussion of ‘The World After Brexit and Trump’. Earlier last week it was hosted by ECR Chairman Syed Kamall, and in Reykjavik delegates received a keynote speech from formidable ACRE board member and Icelandic Minister of Foreign Affairs Godhlaugur Thor Thordharson. 

Following introductory remarks, the Free Market Road Show held 2 panels. Panel 1 discussed ‘A Major Economic Reconfiguration: The End of The Free Trade Era?’, and what this new era means for globalisation, protectionism and the global economy.

The second panel focussed on ‘Troubled Times in a Divided World’ covering divisions between people and elites, the parallel world of the media, how to balance tolerance with preserving European values, and what Brexit could mean for the EU. 

As firm supporters of free trade, ACRE welcomes the Free Market Road Show’s focus on its newly perilous future, and hopes the dialogue in Brussels, London, Stockholm, Reykjavik and beyond will be constructive in protecting and promoting it. The additional focus on the growing divides blighting Western nations is also timely. 

Minister Thor Thordharson spoke about future of transatlantic relations and international trade under the new administration. He also talked about the possibilities for EU reform in the post-Brexit climate. 

ACRE hopes its partnership with the Free Market Road Show will help to promote our shared ideals, and show how free people, free trade and free markets can be a solution to the issues facing us.