ECR Party

ACRE Women’s Movement

The Alliance of Conservative and Reformists in Europe set-up a Women’s Movement during its Council meeting on 18 October ahead of the upcoming European elections.

"As we head towards the European elections, it is important that we also focus on women's political empowerment. As ACRE, we would like to see a European Parliament that reflects the diversity that exists in our countries including a gender balance. Achieving this is the responsibility of both men and women and for that reason, I am proud to support our ACRE Women's Movement" said the President of ACRE Jan Zahradil MEP.

The Movement will be promoting the integration of gender equality into all areas of policy within ACRE and the institutions of the European Union. It also aims to help develop trans-national political alliances with female centre-right politicians who adhere to the Conservative and Reformist statement of principles (Reykjavik Declaration).

During the constitutive meeting, the Georgian Member of Parliament Nino Goguadze was elected as the Chairman of the Movement and the Secretary-General of the ECR Group in the European Committee of the Regions Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky was elected as the Secretary General. Eliana Celaj was elected as the Treasurer. The Vice-Presidents of the Movement include the Member of Parliament of Israel Nurit Koren from the Likud Party, Members of the European Parliament Ruža Tomašić and Jadwiga Wiśniewska. The advisory board includes Anna Fotyga MEP, Chair of the European Parliament's subcommittee on Security and Defence and Fleur Butler from the UK.

The newly elected Chairman Nino made the following statement: "despite women making up about half of the population of each country, they are not as visible in economic or political life. There is much work ahead in eliminating the visible and invisible barriers to womens empowerment and in promoting real and equal opportunities for both women and men. Through the ACRE women’s movement, we will be supporting Conservative women in their political aspirations and working with them to get more women elected into public office. We will also be aiming to support women in elected offices in their political careers."

Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky, the newly elected Secretary General said "getting more women elected and into public office requires men and women to work together. If you are interested in joining ACRE Women events or becoming involved in the running of ACRE Women, please contact us on women@acreuope.eu . Both men and women are welcome".