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AECR condemns military coup in Turkey

AECR condemns tonight’s attempted military coup in Turkey by an unidentified fraction of the army against the government of Binalli Yldirim.

AECR calls for calm and restraint on the part of all parties in the country and for Turkey’s democratic institutions and constitution to be fully respected.

Shortly after news of the attempted broke out, AECR Secretary-General, Daniel Hannan MEP, tweeted:

Coups of any kind are never – never – an answer. Democrats must stand solidly with Turkey’s constitutional order.

AECR President, Jan Zahradil MEP, later added:

The situation indicates deep rifts and problems within Turkish society that must not be underestimated and must be seriously addressed in future.

AECR will continue to closely monitor events in Turkey which come at a time of great instability in the region. We are particularly concerned about the wider security situation and hope for the swift reestablishment of the authority of Turkey’s democratically elected government.