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Bernd Kölmel: the terror has reached Germany

AECR member Bernd Kölmel MEP (ALFA) is a former police officer from Germany. The content of his opinion piece does not reflect the official opinion of the AECR. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the opinion piece lies entirely with the author.

A Syrian migrant blew himself up outside a Bavarian festival. This is the latest incident of four terrible attacks in the last week. Immigrants committed all four attacks; three of them can be linked to ISIS.

After the terrible axe attack in a train in Würzburg (Bavaria) at the beginning of last week, there has been a shooting rampage in a popular shopping centre in Munich (Bavaria) on Friday. On Saturday, a Syrian asylum seeker, who was well known to the police, killed a pregnant woman with a machete in Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg) and injured several others. On the very same day, another asylum seeker, who was a known criminal and due to be deported, committed a suicide attack with a bomb in Ansbach (Bavaria).

We are shocked by these horrible events. With our thoughts and prayers we are with the victims of the violent acts and with their families. At the same time, we cannot feel fully safe in Germany anymore – even though this feeling has been an elementary part of the German culture for many years.

German politics faces great challenges now. It must apply existing laws in order to prosecute crimes, irrespective of the homeland of the criminals. Moreover, police and law enforcement forces must be strengthened. It is unbelievable and unacceptable that many German left-wing politicians still understand the police as an “enemy,” stabbing it politically in the back, instead of supporting it.

Let me be very clear: I absolutely trust in the German police and law enforcement forces; they will do everything they can to prevent such terrible crimes in the future.

However, we also need to look beyond this horizon. Germany desperately needs a reasonable asylum and migration policy, as suggested by ALFA last September. Furthermore, we need a comprehensive concept of integration, which ALFA will present in the near future. It is of utmost importance to set clear rules for newly arriving immigrants and demand harsh consequences if these rules are not respected.

After all, it should be one of the main goals of German politics to protect the German people. This means that politics must draw the inevitable conclusions from the terrible crimes of last week and find ways to prevent such terrorist acts in the future.