ECR Party

Business Briefing with Jan Zahradil

"It's not politicians who create jobs and growth, it's business!"

“It’s not politicians who create jobs and growth. It’s businesses. Our role as politicians is to create the right regulatory and economic conditions which means keeping rules simple, fair and stable,” said ACRE lead candidate Jan Zahradil to industry representatives during his Business Briefing on 20th March in the Brussels’ Residence Palace.

He also revealed to the audience his plan to conduct ‘The Great Review’ if elected President of the European Commission. The ACRE lead candidate believes that the biggest self-assessment since the foundation of the EU is necessary and long overdue. The regulations and directives that are no longer needed and inefficient need to be removed and the next European Commission must focus instead on becoming less bureaucratic and more efficient.

The ECR’s Vice-Chair Roberts Zile and the UK Minister of State for Exiting the European Union, Lord Callanan, also spoke at the event.