ECR Party

Congratulations, PzP!

The AECR congratulates its Montenegrin member Movement for Changes (PzP) on its 10-year party anniversary.

PzP was founded in 2002 as a NGO by economists and academics. On 17 July 2006, it reconstituted itself as a political party.

Since its foundation, PzP has fought for liberal conservatism and for political and economic reforms. The political party wants to integrate Montenegro into the EU. PzP leader Nebojša Medojević is one of the most popular politicians in Montenegro.

In his video message from Strasbourg, AECR Secretary-General Daniel Hannan MEP said:

I want to congratulate our friends in PzP on ten years of struggling for democracy and the rule of law. Perhaps as nowhere else in Europe, Montenegro is a country where these values are in the balance. […] You guys are in the front line doing heroic deeds for the sake of your country and in the name of freedom fighters everywhere. As you go about that task, know that you have plenty of friends.

Furthermore, the President of AECR, Jan Zahradil MEP, emphasized:

We are very proud that you belong to our family. […] We salute you as the front runner of free market economy, fight for transparency, fight against corruption, and as a party who wishes to bring western standards to your country.

You will find both video messages (with Montenegrin subtitles) below.