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Conservatives discussing constitutional reforms in London

The UK Conservative Party is holding an ACRE autumn workshop on constitutional reforms within and without the EU in London. 25 participants from ACRE member parties are discussing constitutional matters with high-profile speakers from both politics and academia.

Speakers of this ACRE autumn workshop include the Chairman of the Conservative Party, the Rt Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Baroness Verma, Prof the Lord Norton of Louth, and the Deputy Chairman (International Affairs) of the Conservative Party, the Rt Hon Mark Field MP.

This 4-day event (25.-28.10.2016) is not only an exceptional occasion to build sister-party relations under the ACRE network, but also a dynamic environment in which to share best practices and to acquire technical skills on policy design, implementation and evaluation. The workshop has an all-round focus on the reform-making process and the format combines seminars with practical group-work sessions.

The ACRE autumn workshop cross-cuts many of the Reykjavik Declaration principles, but especially the principle of subsidiarity.