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Conservatives International launch in Miami: a Round-up

Join our global movement and advance a popular conservatism that works for the individual, not for the corporates.

On May 26-27th, ACRE was delighted to launch its flagship network initiative, Conservatives International, in Miami, Florida. With the help of our partners - The Heritage Foundation, AT&T, FAES, the Atlas Network, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and many others - we welcomed over two hundred participants to the sunny shores of Florida to make the case for conservative ideas in the modern world.

Our conference was opened by Florida governor Rick Scott, whose upbeat testimony to the positive power of conservative principles set the tone. Over the next days, dozens of conservative heroes - among them Jorge Quiroga, Hernando de Soto, Jason Kenney, Rosa Maria Paya, Gloria Alvarez, Grover Norquist, and Daniel Hannan - gave voice to the tremendous potential that free-market, conservative ideas have unlocked in their countries and around the world. Our closing dinner heard a brilliant speech from the former Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar.

Alongside the main speeches, numerous think-tanks and advocacy groups - including Americans for Tax Reform, Vision Republica, and PanAm Post, to name only a few - held fringe events to discuss specific social and political issues and conservative solutions on national and regional levels. Conference participants hailed from Guatemala to Canada, from Korea to Nigeria, bringing to the table a wide range of experiences and struggles.

This variety will form the foundation of the network that is Conservatives International: based not on privilege or power, but on a shared belief in the effectiveness of conservative, free-market solutions to global problems.

The vision behind Conservatives International is simple. Whenever countries open their borders to free trade, and liberate domestic markets from heavy regulation, the result is a widespread increase in living standards, most dramatically for the poorest people. The free market is, furthermore, arguably the best instrument of peacekeeping in the world; as the great Frederic Bastiat once noted, ‘when goods don’t cross borders, armies will’. The free market unsettles oppressive political regimes, breaks down monopolistic corporations, propels economies to unprecedented levels of wealth, and lifts the poor worldwide.

But despite all of this, in recent decades, citizens of Western countries have rebelled against free market ideas, rejecting capitalism as exploitative. It’s tragically ironic that the victims of anti-market campaigners will be the working class, whereas the beneficiaries of protectionist policies will be the rich.

In the face of this struggle, there’s never been a better time to fight for conservative ideas. Conservatives International will be the standard-bearer of that fight.

Interested in joining us? Our next event, the Great Lakes Trade Summit, will take place in Kampala, Uganda, between July 13-15, 2017. More information can be found here.