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Constitutional Court of Romania shall enforce 2009 Referendum on number of MPs

In the Constitutional Court of Romania, New Republic Party Senator Valeriu Todiraşcu has requested the enforcement of the 2009 Referendum on the number of Romanian MPs. In this referendum the Romanian people voted against more than 300 MPs and for more parliamentary seats for diaspora Romanians. Todiraşcu’s lawsuit is aimed against the actions of the Ministry of Justice, the Permanent Electoral Authority and the National Institute of Statistics.

Todiraşcu said:

It is a legitimate desire of the Romanian citizens to have a parliament with 300 MPs and a fair representation of their diaspora by 46 parliamentary seats. This desire cannot be ignored and trampled down by the lack of political will and protectionism of party interests. Therefore, I have sued the three institutions as a last resort to enforce the will of the Romanian people against the ignorance of their politicians.

Through this action New Republic is also seeking to bind the National Institute of Statistics to report the total number of Romanian citizens, including the Romanian citizens living abroad. New Republic supports participatory democracy, according to which citizens’ desire is sovereign over party interests and not strangled by corruption.

For more information on this trial (in Romanian) cf. with http://www.tody.ro/document/2016-02-07-Scrisoare-76-Actiune-in-contencios-legea-electorala.