ECR Party

Dear Herr Schulz: less instead of more EU

Dear Herr Schulz,

Your response to Europe’s challenges is always the same: the EU needs “more Europe,” you say.

The more concerns people have about a centralised EU, the more centralisation you demand from them. The more they oppose European federalism, the more you call for more political commitment and a closer union.

If the turnout of voters of the European Parliament is too low, if the Euro as a single currency fails, if the UK votes to leave the EU – whenever Brussels’ power is questioned, you argue that Brussels needs more power, instead of less power.

This is a fallacy. Suppose you had serious concerns about a project. Would you accept the argument that your concerns actually prove that you need more of the very same project you are concerned about? Of course, you wouldn’t, and you would be right in rejecting it.

Last week, the majority of the British people voted to leave the EU. No doubt there were various arguments behind the vote, however, the outcome was clearly an expression of at least one thing: that most British voters are not content with the federalist direction toward a European super-state. It is very hard to understand why you see in this expression of democratic will evidence for more – and not for less – European political integration.

Herr Schulz, if you really want to reform the EU, please do it according to the rules of logic: “less instead of more EU” is the answer you should give.