ECR Party

EU reform, international cooperation, and social action

At AECR's Prague Conference 2016, the Alliance adopted a statement on the continuation of genuine EU reform and international conservative cooperation. Furthermore, AECR emphasized the crucial importance of social action for conservative values.

AECR will continue to focus on genuine reform of the European Union.

The UK’s vote to leave the EU will be used by the AECR as an opportunity to revitalise and strengthen its reform agenda. Due to Brexit, the much-needed reform of the EU has returned to the centre of public debate.

Simultaneously, it is evident that European institutions – the Commission and Parliament – are once again inclined to exploit the situation and further centralise competences in Brussels, the same way they did through the Eurozone and migration crises. We need to end this dangerous spiral of crises leading to more Europe. With the EPP, S&D and ALDE fundamentally agreed on the EU’s federalist future, the AECR stands as the only serious European Political Party that does not support a federal EU.

At this time, the AECR has a unique opportunity of becoming once again an attractive alternative for those who desire neither further deepening of integration towards a European super-state, nor the EU’s disintegration.

AECR will continue to grow and deepen cooperation with political parties in Europe, the near neighbourhood, and globally.

AECR is always seeking to grow the Alliance. Firstly, within Europe AECR will continue to seek new relationships, and to deepen those with our long-standing and current members. Further support will be given – particularly in political campaigning, internal party structure and intellectual capacity building – so that current members retain their domestic democratic footholds, and can grow yet further. The political battle of ideas continues in Europe and beyond, and AECR – with its members – will seek to amplify articulations of conservatism to effectively contest this space.

AECR will also seek to expand its relationships in the near neighbourhood – particularly North Africa and the Levant. For Europe’s own security – whether concerning the threat of Russia to the East, or migration to the South – AECR believes that investing in the healthy democratic conditions of these bordering states is essential, and that these must include sound and strong Centre-Right parties.

Social Action will be at the heart of our conservative values.

Building on the great successes of AECR’s social action arm, Project Maja, AECR will continue to engage in voluntary service in the world’s most troubled regions. As well as offering some practical relief to communities, Project Maja gives our elected representatives opportunities to observe key issues first-hand, toward informing their political decisions.

Since conservatism prefers non-state solutions to societal problems wherever appropriate, Project Maja allows our delegates to lead by example; showing that voluntary, community-based can be effective, and should be encouraged.