ECR Party

Euro-federalists should lay off Poland

Macron has followed a worrying trend in threatening Poland for exercising its sovereignty. He and others of such a mind should reconsider.

5,711,687 Poles voted for the PiS majority government of Poland, giving it a firm mandate to conserve what worked and reform what didn't. That has included sustaining the Polish economic miracle and boosting low birthrates with stunning success. It has also included reforming an outdated constitution influenced by partisans, and defying Migrant Quotas the Polish people do not want. It is a travesty that people who have no democratic mandate to govern Poland are now seeking to wrest control from those who do.

Emmanuel Macron threatening to apply sanctions to Poland, as though it had invaded Ukraine, is an act of spectacular arrogance. The hypocrisy of a foreign politician backing unelected bureacrats in subverting the freely and fairly elected government of Poland in the name of protecting democracy is staggering.

Moreover, Poland is right to defy the migrant quotas, a cheap ploy to make the rest of the EU pay for the mistakes of Berlin and Brussels. Poland, already dealing with the brunt of the ignored Ukrainian refugee crisis, is not oblidged to accomodate hundreds of thousands of migrants, the majority of whom aren't even from conflict zones, who the EU has broken its own laws in failing to vet at the countries they arrive in. Berlin should pay for its foolish open invitation itself, and not shunt the costs on to its neighbours, and Brussels should start properly enforcing what it claims are its asylum laws.

Let us not forget too that sanctions are an act of aggression that would brutalise the people of Poland. Jobs would be lost, families would be evicted from their homes, children would starve. Some bureaucrats may view that as a worthwhile price to pay to force arbitrary EU dictum on member states, but we hope most currently proposing such a destructive course have some decency and reconsider.