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Europe must do more to reaffirm its commitment to NATO

Trump has reaffirmed the United State's commitment to NATO. Now European members must do more to reaffirm their own commitments.

President Donald Trump will meet with NATO leaders tomorrow in Brussels. The heads of state will focus on discussing fair burden-sharing; as well as NATO's role in combatting terrorism - only two days after the tragic events in Manchester.

Trump has made his expectation clear, that NATO members should do more to meet the goal of spending at least 2% of GDP on defence. Ahead of Trump's visit, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg has rightly been working to persuade members to do more to comply with this spending commitment, and has requested the drafting of individual plans by the end of the year, toward reaching this goal by 2024.

ACRE believes that NATO is crucial toward securing global stability and peace. Speaking on the importance of NATO's engagement in Syria, Anna Fotyga MEP, Vice-President of ACRE and Chair of the Security and Defence Committee, recently stated in a plenary debate:

"After six years of unbearable suffering of the Syrian people, of violations of human rights and humanitarian law - possible genocide - Syria needs a lasting negotiated ceasefire... we need credible initiatives and an enhanced role for the EU and NATO."

ACRE also believes that NATO cannot be replicated by the creation of an EU army or similar structure. Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, former Brigadier and currently ECR Secturity and Defence Coordinator, has stated:

“The European Union scours the world looking for a role, seeking an opportunity to plant its flag in order to justify a European defence policy. Instead, it should give stronger support to NATO… The question we have to ask is: how should we strengthen the military capacities of democracies in a dangerous world - not how should we fund and justify a role for the European Union.”