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European Conservatives show unity with Turkish AK Party in face of world challenges


Today, the second Conservatives and Reformists Summit began in Antalya, Turkey. The Summit brings together politicians and academics from across Europe, Africa and the Middle-East as part of the Conservatives and Reformists Initiative (CRI). CRI is a flagship project of the AECR that aims to strengthen the moderate Centre-Right in emerging democracies in North Africa and the Middle East.

At such a critical time, when mass migration toward Europe shows no signs of slowing down, and extremists threaten our lives on a regular basis, we believe that moderate, free-market conservatism is the best platform to build stronger democracies in the region. That is why we are working together with our friends the AK Party in Turkey, in order to discuss challenges we both face toward achieving our common goals.

The Summit brought together politicians, academic experts and businessmen from Europe and the Middle East, as well as from the other side of the Atlantic in order to discuss over Turkey & NATO, Islam’s free market tradition and the future of the Levant region.

Jan Zahradil, President of the AECR said:

Our world has seen tumultuous and violent upheavals in recent years. While Brussels bureaucrats remain devoted to their beloved regulations, to protecting consumers even against themselves or to social climatic engineering, we believe that the only way to achieve real change is to work together with friends across the regions to build moderate Centre-Right movements in countries which so desperately need them.

Everywhere in the world where socialism was installed, it brought about nothing but poverty, decline and the disintegration of the society. And I do believe that the time has finally come for the Arab world to forge its own path, with the full support of Western democracies.

Syed Kamall, Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group added:

Turkey, as is see it, has for many years been seen as a success story in a region that needs success stories. The Turkish model was initially seen as a possible model for many countries after the Arab Spring.

Free will is the highest faculty we have. When it is denied, whether in the name of religious conformity or of state power, our humanity is diminished.

Conservatives shouldn’t want to impose anything. We should trust to the sound judgment of the people. Our task, as legislators is to ensure that there is a space for this process to unfold. To ensure that the state enables enterprise without crowding it out. That it secures property rights without encroaching on the private sector. That the law remains a mechanism for individuals seeking justice, not an instrument of state control. Our job is to roll the rocks away so that the grass can grow.

That is the great task that faces emerging Centre-Right movements across the region. Let’s tackle that task together, as allies, and as friends.