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Gagik Tsarukyan: Working for a better Armenia

Read Gagik Tsarukyan's message on how he plans to build a better Armenia.

In just a few days time, parliamentary elections will be held in Armenia. The importance of these elections is immense for my country, as the results will determine the development of our country in the coming years.

I have chosen to return to politics following thousands of requests by my countrymen and my colleagues in the Prosperous Armenia Party to do so. It was not a decision that I took lightly. 

I have always given back to my country but I do not believe that you can build a country on charity alone, and I feel a duty to the people of Armenia to improve the institutions, laws and economic conditions that govern over us all.

It is an important mission we have set ourselves. We want to work for the people of Armenia and hope to achieve real reforms with our new political alliance – the Tsarukyan Alliance.

The key objective of the Tsarukyan Alliance is simple: to create appropriate conditions for workers who participate in the Armenian economy so that they no longer want to leave the country, but choose instead, to remain in the country and support their families and their country.

I have always believed in the idea that working people should not be interfered with and that Armenia should strive to create conditions that are as favourable as possible for them. 

The strongest weapon our country has is a citizen who lives with dignity.

During this election campaign, we have been very clear with the voters: vote for us on the 2nd April and we will waste no time in introducing our manifesto promises and start working to improve the lives of all Armenians.

We stress that it is only possible to fix the broken backbone of our economy in the short term with effective and fair management and with sound economic policies. We also believe that our politicians must be ready to take real responsibility for the society over which they will govern.

My colleagues and I have worked tirelessly over the years, not out of personal interest, but because of our passion for our country and our desire to see Armenians prosper and live in peace.

I have personally already achieved much in this life, but I remain saddened and frustrated and believe I will only be truly happy when Armenia is finally on the right path towards a fairer and more prosperous society.

I believe that such a future is within our grasp, and that the Tsarukyan Alliance provides our country with its best opportunity.

Gagik Tsarukyan is leader of the Tsarukyan Alliance – a coalition of political parties competing in Armenia’s parliamentary elections on Sunday 2 April 2017. The senior partner in the Tsarukyan Alliance is the ACRE member the Prosperous Armenia Party – of which Gagik Tsarukyan is President.