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Germany continues discussing migration

According to Welt, a leading German newspaper, refugees in Europe temporarily return to the very same country from which they have fled before. It is discussed whether this should be considered as evidence that someone is actually not persecuted. More debates on the entitlement to be granted asylum are expected.

The German Federal Employment Agency confirmed yesterday that in the city of Berlin officially accepted refugees, who are registered as unemployed, have returned to their home countries, such as Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon, to spend their “holidays” there. Afterwards, they used their refugee status to return to the EU again. According to the newspaper, migration experts assume that the same is happening in other regions of Germany.

Since 2015, more than a million migrants and refugees have reached Europe, sparking a crisis as countries have struggled to cope with the influx. This crisis has created division in the EU over how best to deal with the humanitarian and political challenges.

The AECR will discuss migration from 16-18 September 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. At this conference, distinguished centre-right figures, including the former Prime Minister of Australia, the Rt Hon Tony Abbott MP, will meet to analyse the migration crisis and its effects on Europe.