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How Russia is influencing Bulgaria

The Brussels-based think-tank New Direction will present its latest report on Russia’s influence in Bulgaria on Wednesday.

This report, guest edited by Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, outlines the main aspects of Russia’s approach towards EU Member States. It shows that it is time to take a closer look at the “divide et impera” tactics of Russian President Vladimir Putin who has been challenging solidarity among EU countries by exploiting vulnerabilities and undermining sovereignty of his near neighbours.

Through the Bulgarian case, Dr Dimitar Bechev investigates Russian interference within EU Member States by exploring gas issues, political parties support, the financial sector and real estate market. The methodology proposed by the author constitutes a helpful tool, which could be easily transported to other case studies.

New Direction President Tomasz Poreba MEP invites you to the launch of this report in Brussels on the 24 February 2016. Please register online at www.europeanreform.org. New Direction is a free market, euro-realist think-tank and publisher, established in 2010 under the patronage of Baroness Thatcher.