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Jan Zahradil: Brexit should serve as wake-up call

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum 2016 should serve as a wake-up call to the EU, ACRE President Jan Zahradil MEP said in Belfast.

In his speech at the Ulster Unionist Party Conference in Belfast, ACRE President Jan Zahradil MEP compared the result of the EU referendum in the UK with a wake-up call for supporters of a unified and federal European state.

He said (edited quote):

We really hope that Brexit will serve as a wake-up call to all those in Brussels who want to build a federal European state or a United States of Europe. This has more and more proved to be a completely unrealistic [political] model for the future. If the EU federalists had not pushed their idea as much as they did, the UK possibly would not have voted to leave. […]

We now have to cope with Brexit in a positive way: let us turn it into an opportunity and a success!

The Ulster Unionist Party is one of the main unionist political parties in Northern Ireland and a member of ACRE.

You will find the full speech of Jan Zahradil below.