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Liberty Award goes to German Professor

Professor Gunnar Heinsohn, a German sociologist residing in Poland, will be given theLiberty Award for his outstanding work on demography, migration and his commitment to German-Polish relations. The Brussels-based think-tank New Direction – The Foundation for European Reform will present this award next Wednesday, June 15th in Brussels.

At the award ceremony, guest speakers will include the Polish President of New Direction, Tomasz Poręba MEP, German Vice-President Hans-Olaf Henkel MEP, ALFA party leader Ulrike Trebesius MEP, and renowned Polish Professor of Sociology Zdzisław Krasnodębsk MEP. The award winner will be introduced by distinguished German Professor of Economics Joachim Starbatty MEP. Laureate Gunnar Heinsohn will hold a speech on the future of German-Polish relations.

The Liberty Award aims at honouring distinguished liberal personalities for their achievements in promoting free democracy and market economics. It includes prize money of 2.000 Euros and will be awarded henceforth every year.

The event will take place at Fondation Universitaire’, Rue d’Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels, and it will be followed by a cocktail reception. Please register beforehand at www.europeanreform.org (free entrance).