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Netflix and Amazon could face EU content quotas

This week, the European Commission may decide to require video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime to feature 20 percent European content and to guarantee their “prominence.” The US companies could also be hit with taxes to raise funds to support the work of film-makers in Europe.

European ECR Group consumer affairs spokesman Daniel Dalton MEP has called on the commission to think twice before publishing its revised Media Services Directive.

According to the ECR Group, he said:

The European Commission has yet again failed to understand how the digital world works. Subscription services like Netflix and Amazon should consider only one thing when placing content on their platforms: what their viewers want to watch.

There have been some incredible shows made in Europe without the need for a quota. Introducing a quota risks online platforms investing small amounts in poor content just to meet the quota, at the expense of blockbuster content.

Rather than working with online video services to break down barriers to their investment in Europe, we are dictating to them the content that they must produce. The commission needs to stop this digital protectionism. This is not a case of Europe versus America, where American success comes at Europe’s expense. Digital markets are global in nature and we all benefit by being more open.

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