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New AECR publication provides cutting-edge analysis on European and global affairs

At AECR’s Prague Conference that starts this Friday, September 16th the Alliance will be launching its new publication, "The Conservative." The Conservative will be a quarterly publication comprising of a selection of essays, research and opinion articles, as well as interviews.

Its first edition will cover the Prague Conference’s discussion topics, including the migrant crisis and its effects on Europe, consequences of the UK Referendum, and current challenges to the transatlantic partnership.

Daniel Hannan MEP, Secretary-General of the AECR, is the Editor-in-Chief of The Conservative. He said:

The Conservative is a space for original Centre-Right writing of every hue, from monarchist to minarchist. The one thing that the contributors have in common, as conservatives, is that we are driven by love rather than hate. Not for us the grievance and victimhood that characterises large parts of the Left. Not for us the desire to tear things down. We are moved, rather, by respect for the things that make us what we are: our nations, our laws, our families, our customs.

The Conservative’s first issue features articles and opinion pieces from politicians, academic thinkers and policy practitioners as well an interview on migration with Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia.

From next Friday, you can also read The Conservative online at www.aecr.eu/theconservative.