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Noua Republică and M10: in defence of political liberalization

Today, representatives of two AECR member parties, Noua Republică and M10, are defending the liberalization of the political market before the Constitutional Court of Romania.

Both parties are challenging the restrictiveness of the electoral law in Romania, which imposes unjustified high administrative burdens on parties and independent candidates. In Romania’s capital, Bucharest, alone, in order to run in the local elections, parties and candidates are required to gather 18.000 signatures, including private and confidential information about the signatories, in less than 30 days.

Andrei Covaci, member of the National Political Council of Noua Republică, stated in court:

Noua Republică advocates reform, minimal state, reduced taxation and the liberalization of the political market. The burden of gathering thousands of signatures is an undemocratic barrier for both voters and candidates. Reducing the threshold for setting up a new party from 25.000 signatures to just three is a good step forward, but it is just the first.

Eduard Wagner, Secretary-General of M10, added:

Today in Romania, with the 18.000 signatures needed for running, one can set up to 6.000 parties. However, none of those parties or their respective candidates could actually run, according to the current law. Therefore, while the right of association is respected, the right to elect and be elected is gravely affected.

Local elections in Romania will be on the 5th of June, and both M10 and Noua Republică have filed candidates. The Constitutional Court is expected to give an expedited ruling.