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Noua Republic supports Poland’s conservative path

Romanian political party New Republic (NR) has expressed its support for Poland’s governing Law and Justice (PiS) party, criticising attempts by European officials to impose leftist values on Poland.

AECR council member and NR board member Doru Oprea congratulated PiS and assured it of his support:

Our colleagues […] have won legitimately the elections of last fall with a bold program, which is now being implemented firmly. […] Total distancing from European practices regarding its approach policy towards Russia and the reaffirmation of security commitments within the strategic partnership with the United States are elements that have sparked anger in some European chancelleries.

It is important for Poland to continue on the same path. Its leaders should not be discouraged by some critics. This is the best way of responding to the massive trust with which they have been awarded by the Polish citizens.

Oprea also criticised the EU’s attempts to influence Poland’s internal political scene:

It is an unprecedented measure, but the circumstances are also different from what has happened before at Union level. Polish conservatives support values as love of country, awareness of history, faith in God and respect for tradition, which is why we are going to monitor closely the way EU will react to policies promoted by PiS.

Brussels must understand that Polish voters are EU citizens with conservative values, who have democratically elected a party to represent them. The fact that they do not fully share leftist policies promoted in Western chancelleries does not make the Polish people less European than French or German people.

NR and PiS are both AECR members that share common values such as individual freedom, rule of law, independence of justice, family values and unconditional respect for human dignity.