ECR Party

On the new President of France

Emmanuel Macron has won the Presidential election in a landslide.

Following his victory, Macron will be preparing for Parliamentary elections on the 11th and 18th of June, in which his party En Marche is unlikely to win a majority. There is a great risk that coalition with leftists and French centrists would stymy the economic reformism that constitutes his positive side. We wish him luck in achieving a measure of the meaningful economic reform France needs.

More immediately, ACRE hopes that he will back away from the destructive and extreme europhilia he demonstrated during the campaign with irresponsible threats of sanctions on Poland and punishing Britain. Poland is a free democracy and acts of aggression against it for the purpose of subjugating the nation to bureaucratic diktat would be a travesty. As regards the UK, meanwhile, belligerence is in the interests of no one; both the UK and the EU would be best served by a close trading relationship.

Finally, Macron faces the twin challenges of terrorism and integration. He has not proposed compelling solutions as yet; ACRE hopes for all our sakes that he devises some during his term.