ECR Party

On the Turkish Constitutional Referendum

The people of Turkey have approved the new constitution; now is the time for stability

On the 16th of April 25,157,025 Turks voted for the new constitution proposed by President Erdogan and the AKP in a referendum with spectacular 85.32% turnout. This spectacular democratic mandate warrants respect, what it mandates is respectable. The new constitution expands and politicises the role of President, bringing the Turkish Presidency into line with that of numerous countries like France and the USA, and rationalises outmoded elements of the old constitution. 

Turkey is presently threatened by ISIS, the PKK, FETO, and the refugee crisis, which has hit Turkey harder than almost any other country. Indeed, without Turkey accomodating millions of refugees, the pressure on the EU would be far greater. ACRE hopes that with the help of the new constitutional framework the Turkish government can maintain stability in their country, and build on the immense economic progress Turkey has made in the past years.