ECR Party

Our statement on the Rustavi-2 case

Read ACRE's statement on the controversial Rustavi-2 case below

We would like to express our support for the democratization process taking place in Georgia. The Georgian government and the Georgian people have achieved significant success in terms of building democratic institutions, including in the areas of rule of law, media plurality and the judiciary. That success has recently resulted in the final realization of visa free travel rights for Georgian citizens in the EU.

We are closely observing the legal case of Georgian TV Company - Rustavi 2, which has been reviewed by all three instances of the Georgian courts and now it is pending a decision by the European Court of Human Rights. As the legal procedure is not over yet as ECHR deliberates on the case, any political commentary on the case would further politicize the matter.

The Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe appreciate Georgia’s commitments to European values and strongly believe that Georgian government will continue to uphold media plurality and media freedom in the country.