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“Please don’t let Greece die!” appeals Professor Starbatty

German Professor of Economics and AECR member Joachim Starbatty (ALFA) argues that the crisis in Greece isn’t solved at all. Its fundamental problem, the single European currency, still remains.

Greece will die if we don’t help it. Greece is the cradle of European culture, it is the country in which democracy was invented, and now it is in great danger. Greece is deprived of its political sovereignty and being ruined economically.

The former troika – the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – which is now known as “the institutions,” forces the country into a ruthless austerity programme, which harms its own people. The troika’s so called “rescue programme for Greece” is by no means in the interest of Greece, but it has mostly been a rescue programme for the international banks that are creditors of Greece.

This externally imposed radical programme of austerity and reforms has driven the country into recession and, actually, even into depression, and it forces Greece into new debts again and again, with which – in a vicious circle – old debts must be paid. This political incapacitation of a sovereign European nation is a shame for Europe! In the country where democracy was invented, people who haven’t been democratically elected are now in power, and those who have been democratically elected have no power at all.

Greece does not need another “rescue programme,” but it needs fair debt relief outside the eurozone. With the help of its own currency, Greece can strengthen its vital tourism industry and extend its export portfolio. The Grexit – Greece leaving the eurozone – is not only in the interest of Europe, but also especially in Greece’s best interest. That is why many Greek and international experts firmly demand this Grexit.

You might remember Angela Merkel’s slogan “if the Euro fails, Europe fails.” This equation is simply wrong. There are European states that are members of the European Union without being members of the European Monetary Union, and without having any intention of joining this union. All of these countries are doing much better than the suffering debtor countries in the eurozone.

Ms Merkel, the Euro has failed long ago! When are you finally going to admit this? Let me contrast your slogan with another one, a correct one: “If democracy fails in its country of origin because of Europe, Europe as a democracy fails.”

Greece must not be vassal state! It must get a fair chance of economic development. The policy of repression must come to an end! I am fighting for European rule of law; I am fighting for freedom, and for the sovereignty of democratically elected governments. Please help me with this, help me save countries, not banks, help me make Europe a fairer and more democratic place. Please don’t let Greece die!