ECR Party

Policy toward a new vision for Europe

Last week in Westminster, London, European reformists discussed a new vision for Europe and learned skills in policy development. The AECR and UK Conservative Party hosted a delegation of 15 European politicians and party officers from Italy (Conservatori e Reformisti), Poland (PiS), Romania (PNR & M10), Spain (PP) and the UK (Conservatives), for a “Policy in Practice Workshop.”

Mark Field MP, Vice-Chair of the Conservative Party, presided over the event, at which he reaffirmed the Conservative Party’s ever-strong commitment to the AECR alliance post-Brexit, and explained the importance of our continued cooperation and exchanges through projects like this.

In light of Brexit – and the opportunity for EU reform it potentially offers – one session was set aside for a political discussion on the future shape of Europe. PiS MP Anna Krupka said:

We had a very interesting discussion on the future of the EU; particularly on the need for subsidiarity – which everyone agreed with.

Having agreed to certain goals for a reformed Europe, delegates turned to practical strategies for realising these. Experts came to teach practical policy development skills from the Conservative Policy Forum and Conservative Campaign HQ. Reflecting on these workshops, Press Officer Simona-Maria Tiplea from M10, said:

We are pleased to have learnt from our more experienced colleagues from the Conservative party and AECR. […] We are looking forward for future collaboration and knowledge sharing between our parties.

At the end of the week, delegates divided into groups and were asked to develop proposals for real initiatives toward European reform. Some excellent proposals were made, and we expect to share drafts of these shortly.

AECR is most grateful to Mark Field MP and his team at the Conservative Party for their excellent hospitality and organisation.