ECR Party


The European Conservative and Reformists Party expresses its solidarity with the people of Belarus who have peacefully protested for over a week against Lukashenko’s attempts to extend his autocratic rule through fraudulent elections. We believe that the electoral process was neither free nor fair, as the campaign was  marked by fear of detention, persecution of candidates, harassment of supporters, restrictions on ballot access, and limited independent observation of the election. 

Despite these harsh undemocratic conditions the people of Belarus clearly voted for a change, after more than two decades of oppression.  We call on Aleksandr Lukashenko to respect the decision of the people of Belarus and peacefully step down. We urge the Belarusian authorities to refrain from the use of force, release all those unjustly detained and respect the basic right to free assembly.  We also call for an international investigation into the murder of peaceful protestors by the security services, as well into allegations of the use of torture and disproportionate force.

The regime and its apparatus should be convinced that any actions taken against international law will be investigated.  We call on the EU to impose sanctions on those responsible for electoral fraud, violence and repressions, as well as restrictions of fundamental right and freedoms.

We would like to clearly state that any effort of Russia to military intervene against the people of Belarus in order to back discredited and illegitimate regime of Lukashenka will openly breach international law and require an immediate reaction of U.N., OSCE and other international institutions.  We warn against any attempt to militarise the situation and provoke tensions with the neighbouring countries.

As friends of Belarus, we fully recognise the aspirations of the Belarusian people for a democratic, prosperous, independent and sovereign country. We call the EU, its members states and democratic international community to increase their efforts in assisting the people of Belarus in achieving this goal. Belarus is our close neighbour. We share common history and also have common future. We stand by the people of Belarus and call the EU to take concrete actions and provide substantial assistance to the people of Belarus.