ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party express its full solidarity with Hungary and Poland

After attending the embarrassing spectacle of the European Commission demanding the Court of Justice of the European Union to sanction Poland, and blocking the Hungarian recovery funds, with the only purpose of imposing their agenda and interfere in their national policies, the ECR Party wants to express its full solidarity with these sovereign countries. These actuations are pure blackmail to threaten the sovereignty of nations which are historic examples of brave fight for freedom and rule of law against the worst of totalitarianisms, that is communism. 

No Treaty says that the Union can impose education plans, prevent the protection of children, or obstruct the judicial independence of its Member States. The elites of Brussels cannot step on the will that Hungarian and Polish citizens have repeatedly expressed voting. 

ECR Party considers this abuse of power outrageous and bad news for the European common project, and urges the European Commission to reconsider its position, and as stated in the founding principles of Europe, to respect and defend the culture, the values, the identity and the democratic will of all its Member States.