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ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: EU Needs to Act on Forced Labour of Uyghurs

The ECR Party calls on the European Union to take decisive action on China over the use of Uyghur forced labour. Following the release of a new report by the Centre for Global Policy in Washington DC, further revalations have emerged of the Communist Chinese State using Uyghur forced labour to harvest Cotton in Xinjiang provence. The report highlights the increased use of coersive methods in order to mobilise labour as part of a 'transfer scheme' to support the cotton industry.

The report is a publication of CGP’s Uyghur Scholars Working Group – which aims to present research, analysis and policy recommendations on the events unfolding in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in the People’s Republic of China. The group is chaired by Dr Azeem Ibrahim. This report is the first of its kind to demonstrate the widespread use of forced labor in China's cotton picking industry mainly drawn from the Uyghur community. 

Dr Azeem Ibrahim of the Uyghur Scholars Working Group said: "This groundbreaking intelligence brief by Adrian Zenz confirms that the CCP are using "poverty alleviation" programs as a cover to subjugate hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs to pick cotton by hand.  The international community and the fashion industry in particular need to be fully aware of this coercive state mandated program instituted directly by Xi Jinping."

The report recomends the United States introduce 'Withold Release Orders' on any product that contains cotton from Xinjiang as well as calling on companies to be required to look at their supply chains to ensure they do not use cotton produced in the region. The ECR Party is calling on the European Union to introduce similar meassures - as well as use its new 'Magnitsky' Powers to target those most guilty of crimes against the Uyghur people.