ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: HIJAB CAMPAIGN, the Hijab as a celebration of freedom is nonsensical

"The Council of Europe's campaign to celebrate the Islamic  headscarf, as a symbol of freedom, is disconcerting. Images of girls with their faces covered and slogans claiming that freedom is in the hijab have bounced around on the Council of Europe's official social channels. The campaign, which was also financed with the contribution of the European Union, which appears to be sponsoring the project, was fortunately withdrawn following justified protests.

There is no Islamophobia emergency in Europe, as they would have us believe. On the contrary, there is a deep and serious problem of Islamic radicalisation in which Islamist terrorism, which has repeatedly bloodied our nations, thrives.

European organisations should promote the principles of freedom, equality and respect for human rights that are the foundation of our civilisation, instead of promoting campaigns that celebrate religious separatism." Commented ECR Party President Giorgia Meloni