ECR Party

ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: Peace Deal Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

We acknowledge the end of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) following the signing of a peace settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, we express our deep concern at the involvement of the Russian Federation in these negotiations and the positioning of Russian soldiers on the border between the two countries. 
It is of great regret to the ECR Party that the European Union, and other Western Powers failed to act quickly enough to bring about a more amicable deal, resulting in the involvement of a power hostile to us. The involvement of Russia in the peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan should be a cause of major embarrassment for the European Union, who once again have relegated themselves to sitting on the side lines of geopolitics. 
The ECR Party also expresses its concern for what this deal means for political stability in a fragile region. With Turkish and Russian troops now becoming a fixture of life along the border. We hope that a better and more lasting solution can be found. 
Additionally we call for calm in Yerevan following rioting that took place after the signing on the agreement. We will continue to monitor the situation. 
The European Conservatives and Reformists have member parties from both Armenia and Azerbaijan in our Alliance.