ECR Party

Social responsibility and action

ACRE operates a dedicated social action programme. Our humanitarian arm, Project Maja, allows parliamentarians to engage in practical hands-on work.

Recent Project Maja initiatives include working in refugee camps in Sicily and on the Turkish-Syrian border, repairing flood damage in Croatia and refurbishing a day-centre for disabled children in Sarajevo.

The next Project Maja will be in Athens, working with social services that have been impacted by the euro crisis. Our volunteers will also get the chance to hear first-hand from charities and government representatives about the reality of the euro-imposed austerity.

Project Maja was founded by the Rt Hon Baroness Warsi and the Rt Hon William Hague in 2009, and has been managed by AECR since 2012. It brings together leading politicians, civic leaders and activists from across the world to participate in community led voluntary projects.

If you would like to donate to Project Maja Athens, or wish to know more about our other upcoming social action projects, please contact us at info@acreurope.eu. For more information watch our promotional video on Project Maja below.