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PzP holding School of Modern Conservatism in Montenegro

In recent days, 23 party officials of Montenegro’s PzP party (Movement for Changes) and young party activists have been studying the importance of the Reykjavík Declaration – the core principals of modern conservatism – in Bečići. This was the first module of the PzP course School of Modern Conservatism, supported by AECR.

The course aims to educate young local officials and activists of PzP on crucial conservative values, such as the concept of localism and practising the principle of subsidiarity on the local, national, and supranational level. Moreover, the School of Modern Conservatism discussed the unique and irreplaceable democratic legitimacy of the nation-state.

The renowned speakers – representatives of academia and the NGO sector – raised questions about the concept of the “big society” within the conservative model of a modern democratic state. The second and the third modules of the school will follow in the coming months.

AECR member PzP is a liberal-conservative political party; it aims at reforming Montenegro and integrating it into the European Union.