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Slovakia: migrant quota system is not working

Slovakia’s Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak called for a rethink in the migrant crisis because the European compulsory quota system is not working. According to Reuters, Lajcak said that only 0.2 percent of a total 160,000 migrants – who are a small minority of those now inside the EU – have been relocated within EU member states.

Lajcak stated:

Clearly it [the quota system] doesn’t work. Compulsory quotas are not a solution. […] We need a sustainable, credible, complex solution. […] We are asking the EU to speed up that process.

ECR Chairman Syed Kamall agrees with this analysis. He emphasizes that there is no simple answer to a problem as complex as the European migrant crises. This crisis should not be used as an excuse to weaken the sovereignty of European nation states.

He said:

Instead of compulsion of EU member states, we need more cooperation between sovereign member states. The quota system undermines the same sovereignty which the EU should actually protect.

Most central and eastern EU member states are opposed to the quota system. More than one million migrants have arrived in Europe over the past year.