ECR Party

Syed Kamall: “we need an amicable agreement with the EU”

Dr Syed Kamall MEP is the leader of the ECR Group in the European Parliament. In his press point today, he commented on the outcome of the UK referendum on the EU membership.

He said to journalists in Brussels:

[…] I have always said during this referendum campaign, that whatever our personal views might have been […], it is important that we respect the democratic will of the British people.

The British people have spoken: they have decided to vote to leave [the European Union].

What is important now is not to replay the arguments of the referendum – we have had four months of that in the UK. What is important now is that we actually move on, we pull together, and we might get quite clear to the British people and to the EU at the same time, that we have a plan in place to negotiate a good agreement.

It is in both the EU’s interest and Britain’s interest that we come to an amicable agreement, where Britain becomes good neighbours rather than reluctant tenants.