ECR Party

The French Presidential Elections: A New Direction for Europe?

The French elections today could change the course of the EU; ACRE hopes it is for the better.

One of the six founding members of the EU and second only to Germany in its influence in Brussels, what happens in France today will help shape the direction of the EU in the crucial upcoming years. Whether the EU responds appropriately to the many crises facing it or doubles down on its mistakes, whether the EU reaches a good deal with the UK or drags it into a mutually destructive trade war, indeed the very future of the EU could be affected by the result today. It will also determine how France seeks to overcome the economic malaise that has afflicted it of late, and how it responds to the growing list of terrorist attacks on French soil.

ACRE has always supported what De Gaulle might call a Europe des Patries, where national sovereignty is respective. We hope that the French President to emerge from this election will share this conviction, and put it into action in working to reform the EU. It is also vital that the next French President recognises free enterprise and free markets as the solution to France's present woes, and promotes policies that entrench them, and reduce the dirigisme of the status quo. Lastly, we hope that the next President takes seriously security concerns, and pursues a robust policy against terrorism.

We hope the victor of this Presidential election in the second round on the 7th of May will mark out a better way for France. We hope too that the people of France will take this opportunity to participate in their democracy.