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The great paradox of our age

Daniel Hannan MEP describes the great paradox of our age; found in a misconception of the effects of free trade.

At the Heritage Foundation in Washtington D.C., ACRE Secretary-General Daniel Hannan MEP described the great paradox of our age:

Free trade has lifted the human race to a level of wealth and health and happiness previously unimaginable. And yet, bizarrely, the system that has done it has never been more out of fashion. […] Nothing has made the human race freer than the specialized free exchange of goods.

Despite the extraordinary success story of free trade, many people genuinely fight it. In order to reverse this popular trend, the power of free trade as an instrument for poverty alleviation, conflict resolution and social justice, must be explained.

ACRE Secretary-General Daniel Hannan was a speaker at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. last week.