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Van Bossuyt: Better regulation in an efficient Single Market

Today, the European Parliament will vote on ECR MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt’s report on better regulation in the internal market. The report focuses on a competitive regulatory environment, which keeps jobs and companies in Europe.

Van Bossuyt emphasizes:

The European Union finds itself in heavy weather. It has to demonstrate its relevance to its citizens. Creating more and unnecessary legislation is not the right approach. The urge to make new laws not only often leads to poor rules, it also creates many misunderstandings and uncertainty among consumers and businesses.

Van Bossuyt’s report also states explicitly that European legislative initiatives can only be justified if it is relevant. It stresses:

Rules should be created on the most appropriate policy level. Make them simple, make them easy to apply and make sure they stimulate and not frustrate.

The report also puts a strong focus on a bigger role for the national parliaments in adopting European legislation:

Member States have to implement the EU rules in a more thorough way and evaluate them regularly. Rules should be withdrawn after a negative evaluation.

It has been a difficult process to include all of these elements in the report. The report highlights that better regulation is a key issue for ECR and it should be for all groups in the European Parliament. An efficient Single Market will encourage production, innovation and trade. A recipe for growth in Europe.

This arcticle was first published on our partner’s website ecrgroup.eu.