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Vast majority of Icelanders oppose EU accession

Almost 60% of Iceland’s population is against accession to the European Union. The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RUV published a recent Gallup poll according to which 59.1% of Icelanders oppose joining the EU, while only 40.9% are in favor of an accession.

36.7% of respondents would definitely vote against the EU membership, and 22.4% would probably do so. According to this latest Gallup poll, the residence and sex of respondents made very little difference, and the youngest and oldest respondent groups are both against accession.

These results demonstrate the growing opposition to the EU membership. In August 2015 the online newspaper Kjarninn published a Gallup poll according to which 50.1% of the respondents were opposed to Iceland joining the EU.

According to RUV, most voters from AECR member the Independence Party of Iceland (90%) are against the EU accession.