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Zahradil Welcomes New Allies

Jan Zahradil welcomed new allies at meeting in Paris

ACRE’s President and member of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament, Jan Zahradil, met new allies from France and the Netherlands in Paris at the end of February.

Together with ECR Group Co-chair, Professor Ryszard Legutko, the leader of the French party Debout la France, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, and Thierry Baudet, who leads Dutch party Forum for Democracy, they announced that they are joining forces for the 2019 European elections.

This alliance with the new French and Dutch parties aims to bring together constructive Euro-realist political forces that agree on the essential need to defend the interests of Member States while working together in areas where the EU can bring added value.

With their new allies, the ECR Group aims to form a new Euro-realist majority in the next European Parliament.

"The grand coalition between the EPP and the Socialists in the European Parliament, which has ruled Brussels for years, must end. And I am certain that we will be the ones to end it. We will bring about the change needed in Brussels after the next European Elections,” said Jan Zahradil to the journalists during the press conference.