ECR Party

Clean Oceans

Conservatives are natural conservationists and the ECR Party – just as anyone else – cares about the health of our environment. That is why we are launching our Clean Oceans initiative – calling on both government and business to come together to find solutions to tackle the scourge of plastic waste.

Ocean Plastic has been a growing problem for decades, but only now are we starting to take this risk to public health seriously. With the European Commission pushing through its ‘European Green Deal’ now is the perfect time to act. The EU should increase funding and support for private sector initiatives aimed at Cleaning our Oceans.

Europe Dumps 500,000 tonnes of Plastic in the Sea Every Year

Out of 27million tonnes of Plastic produced each year in Europe, only a third of it is recycled – much of it ending up in the Ocean and damaging both fish stocks and our coast line. It is estimated that ocean plastic causes an annual economic loss of €62Million a year to tourism and fishing industries.

700 marine species threatened by plastic

The impact of Ocean Plastic on our natural world goes further than that – with an estimated 1,000,000 sea creatures a year  being killed by ocean plastic and 90% of sea birds having plastic in their stomachs. By some estimates there could be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050 – ultimately killing the fishing industry in Europe.

€62Million of economic damage caused by Ocean Plastic in the Mediterranean

The ECR Party is calling for stronger cooperation between the state and private sector to deliver results when it comes to ending the use of single us plastics – as well as finding innovative new ways to remove plastic from our oceans to support the tourism and fishing industry. It’s time we had CLEAN OCEANS.