ECR Party

10-13 December 2021, Rome, Italy

ECR Party Campus Rome: Digital Freedom

Where we bring together Conservatives from around Europe and share with you insider knowledge.

We are glad to bring you fresh news about the ECR Campus: Digital Freedom. An experience of 4 exciting days, learning from top speakers coming from all over the world, including Big-Tech executives and noted academia.

The ECR Party is proud to the ‘eternal city’ in its enchanting Christmas atmosphere we take the ECR Campus to Rome.

ECR Party Campus Rome: Digital Freedom


Professor Eman El Sheikh

Director of the Center for Cybersecurity and Professor of Computer Science at the University of West Florida

Eyal Pinko

Commander ret. Ph.D.

Professor Hannes Gissurarson

Professor at the University of Iceland


Martina Colasante

Government Affairs & Public Policy Manager at Google

Richard Murphy

Managing Director of Communication Strategy and Management (CSM)

Professor Christian Hocepied

Professor at Namur University

James Wharton

Former U.K. Government Minister


Raz Granot

Chief Press Officer, Likud Party Israel