ECR Party

22 May 2015, Winchester, UK

Edmund Burke Award I

Jim DeMint awarded the 2015 Edmund Burke Award

On May 22 2015, the AECR presented our first-ever Edmund Burke award to Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint for his work championing conservative values.

In his acceptance speech, Mr DeMint articulated the core of the Conservatives and Reformists’ agenda for Europe, by way of a warning:

“When an alliance [(the European Union)] of such noble goals is used by zealots to impose policies abhorrent to a diverse citizenry, it becomes a source of tyranny, division and oppression. We can all live in peace and harmony with neighbours who have very different beliefs and lifestyles, unless that neighbour uses the power of a distant government to force us to conform to his beliefs and lifestyles. When the hopes, dreams and goals of individual members are superseded by a central power, that power subverts the very freedom it was founded to protect.”

With further prospects of centralisation amidst Europe’s current crises, Mr DeMint’s words remain ever relevant.

Watch the rest of this speech below, which was delivered in the Winchester Guildhall, England.