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4 March 2021, 4PM CET

EU-China Investment Agreement

Europe Debates

In the closing days of 2020 Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen announced a new EU China Trade and Investment Agreement. The new deal is set to remove barriers for Chinese entry into the European single market and give Chinese companies access to investment in European companies, including state enterprises.

The agreement has faced harsh criticism since its release – with many claiming that it undermines human rights, working standards and environmental protections. Rights groups have also pointed out to the fact that the low standards will create a blank cheque for other regimes around the world to abuse rights for trade with the EU.

Our panel will discuss all of these concerns, and ask the question of if it’s time for the European Union to reconsider its approach to China, and bring itself in line with the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan in facing the threat together.


EU-China Investment Agreement


Anna Fotyga

Member of the European Parliament, Poland


Miriam Lexmann

Member of the European Parliament, Slovakia

Azeem Ibrahim

Director Newlines Institute in Washington DC


Bernard Guetta

Member of the European Parliament, France

Theresa Fallon

Director Centre for Russia, Europe, Asia Studies (CREAS)